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Looking for volunteer opportunities?

We are currently seeking volunteers to help us with the development of an updated database of clinics across the nation that provide family planning and IUDs at little or no cost. This is a "work from home" volunteer position. For more information contact us via the form below.


Are you a medical professional? We are also looking for a couple of volunteers to help with case management and education a couple hours of work. As of February 1st we are nearing almost 400 cases across multiple states, women who need help navigating the paperwork. are looking for information. or help finding a clinic.

And most important, we are always looking for volunteers to hit the ground and help increase awareness on one of the most effective methods of birth control out there!


If you feel any of these opportunities would be a fit for you, please contact us as we would love to speak with you by filling out the form below. By volunteering just a few hours a week you can help women all over the country.


About The LARC Foundation

The LARC Foundation is a grassroots organization aimed at providing education, promoting and spreading awareness, and alleviating the financial barrier to women in low income, and high risk environments.

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