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Our Mission is simple - to educate and empower women on Long Acting Reversible Birth Control, mainly the Intrauterine Device also known as an IUD in Baltimore City and beyond.

Please excuse our little mess while we undergo final construction of the site. If you happen to come across any broken links or error pages please send us an email at info@freeiud.org

Ladies, we need to have a chat.

Sex is a part of life and at freeiud we have “no shame in our bedroom game”, which is exactly why we want to talk to you about a lesser known, highly effective and low-maintenance option for birth control.

Lets face it, not enough women know their options when it comes to birth control and if you’re a woman who stumbled across this site and is just learning about intrauterine devices aka IUD, it isn’t your fault, but if we can educate you and our fellow women in our community, city and increase awareness. Maybe going to your healthcare provider would be less challenging when going through the different options you have.  I mean guys have it super easy when it comes to this kind of stuff.

While there are several birth control options available, we are as the name of our organization suggests all about the IUD. One reading might ask, why the IUD? Well for one thing there is a whole lot of misinformation and in most cases a lack of information, and another major reason is the more often than not financial barrier that comes along with the device even with the Affordable Care Act.

Enter, The LARC Foundation. We are a grassroots organization aimed at providing education, promoting and spreading awareness, and in some cases alleviating the financial barrier to women in low income, and high risk environments in Baltimore City and beyond.

We believe a woman should be in control of her fertility regardless of socioeconomic barriers. Our mission is to cover the cost of IUD placement to the uninsured, high risk and low income women by establishing a general fund. Our goal over the next three years is to cover the cost of placement for 10,000 IUDs to women in Baltimore City who qualify to reduce unintended pregnancies, and that’s just the start.

We assist women on a daily basis who come through our site freeIUD.org from all over the United States and the world.

Our ultimate goal is to have mobile clinics with qualified nurse practitioners who perform IUD insertions around the United States and the world.

So please, take a look around at the information on our site and if you have any questions or need any help, contact us at info@freeiud.org or by following the Steps to Take below.

What is an IUD?

The IUD is a low-maintenance and extremely effective birth control option, in a class called Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive aka LARC. It is placed by your health care provider and with a 99% effective rate. Why not? This method has been around for many years but has not started to gain popularity until the last few years.

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With so many options, Is it the right option for me?

When it comes down to it, choosing an IUD is your own choice. There are many options for birth control such as the pill, condoms, and evem injections when it comes to birth control. We are here to educate you on LARCs because of the benefits, correct the amount of bad info, and educate a widely unknown method until recently..
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Where do I get an IUD if I think it's right for me?

Any health care provider can provide this service to you. The most common place for women of all ages is Planned Parenthood. We have provided a list of resources and a clinic locator to make things easier. If there is not a Planned Parenthood in your are please contact us at info@freeiud.com and we will help you locate a provider.
Click this link to learn more and use the clinic locator

Are you uninsured and in need of financial assistance?

For some women, even with the affordable care act, the procedure is not always available and for many areas not always accessible. Studies have shown that when you alleviate the financial barrier and educate, women always choose a LARC, so we have developed a general fund to help women who meet the minimum requirements.
Click this link to read more and find out about financial assistance

Join us for events, learn about IUDs, help a woman in need!

Special event listed on this page are subject to change, please follow us on facebook for the most current events or by joining our mailing list.

Join us for an art show, silent auction or wine tasting. Become a donor and enjoy invite only events such as a private dinner and music. Your support will help further our mission not only here in our own city but beyond.

We have been very lucky to team up with Grafiti Warehouse and Alley to host a variety of art inspired events where proceeds go directly to our general fund for freeiud.org

You're not only attending events, meeting new people, and having a great time but you're also helping educate and empower women in need. Did you know in New York City alone 6 of every 10 pregnancies are unintended? By providing the education and in some cases alleviating the financial burden we are empowering the young ladies of our future and women who come to us for help. Now that's a great cause to support!

About The LARC Foundation

The LARC Foundation is a grassroots organization aimed at providing education, promoting and spreading awareness, and alleviating the financial barrier to women in low income, and high risk environments.

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